Cooling Quenching Oil
Cooling Paint
Cooling Phosphating Solution

Cooling Lyes
Cooling Acids
Cooling sulphuric acids
Cooling circulating water
Cooling kerosene
Cooling salt solution
Condensation of ethanol
Drying Chlorine gas

Heating edible oils
Cooling for winterization
Cooling Fatty Acids

District Heating
Underfloor heating
Heating swimming pools
Heat pump installations
Heat Recovery installation
Pre Heating water
Geothermql installation
Solar Energy Installations
Central Cooling installation
Air Conditioning Plants

Central Cooling
Lubricating lil cooling
Cooling piston coolant
Cooling Transmission oil
Pre Heating heavy fuel oil
Pre Heating Fuel Oil
Heating up of Sea water
Mechanical Engineering
Cooling Machinery
Cooling emulsions
Cooling Hydrolic oil
Cooling grinding oil
Cooling klin water
Cooling Transmission oil
Cooling Autoclave water
Cooling Engine coolant
Heat Recovery

Central Cooling
Lubracating oil Cooling
Process cooling

Cooling emulsions
Heating Supsensions
Heating Blood Plasma
Heating Citric Acid
Cooling infusion liquids

Cooling Engines
Heat Recovery from Diesel power plant
Cooling Gas turbine
Cooling steam Gas turbine
Cooling compressors

Cooling circulating water
Cooling Flusing Coolant
Cooling Transmission Oil

Cooling waste water
Cooling wash water
Waste water evaporation

Mould Cooling
Continuous Casting Plant Cooling
Hydrolic Oil Cooling
Furnance Water Cooling
Cooling Coking Plant Water
Emulsion Cooling
Cooling NH3 Solution
Cooling Machine Coolants
Cooling Feed Water

Heating Raw Juice
Heatiing Pulp Press Water
Heating Extraction Water
Heating Carbonated Juice
Heating Thick Juice
Heating Syrups
Juice Concentration

Heat Recovery from Textile Washing Agents
Heating Wool Washing Liquids
Cooling Dying Plant Effluent
Heating Dying Liquors
Cooling Liqour Water

Orange juince