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As a specialist in thermal technology from world wide organization since year 1992 now company is becoming a world leading company in thermal heat tranfer supplier.
Today " Kaudy" Plate Heat Exchanger has been developing, designing and manufacturing to meet your need in varios industries requiring heat transfer by using
our innovative technologyto become leading in plate heat exchanger for food industries and heavily industries.  
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As your partner in plate heat exchanger our goal is to make sure that the equipment and service provided by us not only maximize quality for you, but also minimize your money as well. To make this possible, we have, over the years, built up a comprehensive plate heat exchanger module such as CIP skid and close loop skid in many difference applications. In additional company all so provide service to help you to optimize your process and make your production as problem-free as possible. In doing so, our objective has been to help your sharpen your competitive - strength and raise your profitability.

In our service goal is that your plate heat exchanger should always be working at its very best, giving you peak performance at all time. That is one of the reasons why we have built up a profession workshop for services and spare parts. So, to put together to help you save money please contact us for further information and advice.  

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